Jolie x Pete Litter

Winter 2010


Jolie is Ch. V. D. Nacht’s Classic Beaujolais, JH  CGC, part of our small crew here at Von Der Nacht Kennel.

Jolie has all her health clearances, and is CHIC number 60857.  She has hips - OFA good, elbows - normal, cardiac - normal by cardiologist, thyroid - normal, CERF - normal, and CD - clear by parentage.

Jolie finished her championship at one year and ten days with 5 majors and 17 points with her best buddy, Joaquin Fernandez at the other end of the lead.  She’s only been out a few times since she’s reached maturity, and has taken two Best of Breeds out of large Specials classes each including several Nationally ranked specials.

She had way too much fun in the bird field and completed her Junior Hunter title in her first season out. 

In August, Jolie passed her Canine Good Citizen Test under rather stressful conditions.  The test site was set up at the pheasant club where we go to hunt and train, right next to the bird field where a hunt test was taking place.  Jolie had to concentrate on her task at hand with shot guns going off and chukar flying immediately overhead - not an easy task for a very birdy little girl!!!


Pete is NSC MBISS Ch. Seven Hills Premiere Causin’ A Repeat, owned and loved by Daniel Mack and Suzanne Brown of Seven Hills Kennels in Northern California.

Pete’s health clearances include hips - good, elbows - normal, cardiac - normal, thyroid - normal, CD clear by parentage and CERF.

In 2007, Pete went Best In Show at the German Shorthaired Pointer Club of America National Specialty Show.  Pete was awarded an Award of Merit at the 2008 Westminster Kennel Club Show out of a record number of GSPs.  Pete’s Best of Breed and Specialty wins are too numerous to list here.

                                    Copyright 2008  

                       Eukanuba 2007 - Award of Excellence



                Best of Breed

Del Valle Dog Club 2009

Judge - Mrs. Mary Ellen Macke

Jolie’s pregnancy is progressing glowingly!  Our ultrasound was on day 35 from her last breeding.  When we walked into the vet clinic, I was asked if we really wanted to bother with an ultrasound, since she was so clearly pregnant.  I wanted a tentative idea of the size of her litter, so we proceeded.  We were able to clearly see 7 little wiggly bodies - amazing!  There may be more hiding up under her ribs.  We’ll know more on day 58.

Jolie - week 5 - no clue she’s any different and maybe the great squirrel chase should be curtailed <G>

Week 6 brings a bit more caution in the great squirrel chases - no longer threatening to go over 6 foot fences after them.  How disappointing for her!

Week 7 brings a significantly expanding profile.  She’s now getting substantially wider, and looks rather like the Titanic  coming in to dock as she positions herself to poop - total loss of dignity!

Week 8 -  Now practically as wide as she is tall...(an exaggeration, but not by much!) Jo went in for her x-ray today in hopes of getting a head count to prepare for the big event.  Differing opinions have us between 8-10.  Only Jolie knows for sure....

Never one to let others make the decisions for her,  Jolie popped 12 puppies in 8 hours.  Her progesterone test lead us to believe she wouldn’t have them until the weekend, but Jo thought they were ready, and out they came on Wednesday, February 3rd!  All are strong, nursed immediately and are gaining weight.  Jo produced 5 boys and 7 girls!

In just 5 days we’re half again as large as we were the day we were born.  Ours tails and dew claws were removed by our favorite vet, Dr. Alex Rensing, who will take care of shots, worming and health checks until we leave for our new homes.

At 15 days, we’re quite a challenge for our mom to keep up with!  We’re growing almost 2 pounds a day, among us.  Mom has to eat the better part of 9,000 calories per day to keep up with our weight gain and to keep herself going.  We now range in size from just under 2 pounds to just over 3 pounds.  That’s a lot of puppy!